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"Lisa Brown is true professional and is a realtor who ADDS VALUE to every deal; where many in the industry do not. She exceeds in all areas and her many contacts and personal knowledge of the Chattanooga market gives her clients a tremendous advantage. Lisa has represented my interest well in numbers transactions as a buyer and a seller and I would highly recommend her."

Drew Holland
Chattanooga, TN

"Lisa did an amazing job for us! She was efficient, professional, and thorough. If you are considering a property for sale I would highly recommend that you give her a chance to sell it. We were very pleased with the quantity and the quality of clients that she brought to our property ultimately commencing in the sale. "

Kevin Coombes
Stringfellow, Inc.

"Atlantic Capital chose Lisa Brown not for her successful real estate company, not for her being known as an up and coming Chattanooga area commercial broker. Those things are all true, but what separated Lisa from the heavy hitters in Chattanooga real estate was her tireless hustle, persistence and experience overcoming obstacles during commercial transactions. Lisa stood out from the noisy field of Brokers promising the world and actually delivered a successful outcome for our firm. The best thank you we can give to Lisa Brown is to refer others and utilize her over and over. Today, Lisa has successfully completed 3 commercial transactions for Atlantic Capital and consulted on others."

Jeff Billington
Senior Vice President
Corporate Properties Group
Atlantic Capital Bank

"In the spring of 2017 we decided to find a different building for our business. We worked with local Realtor Lisa Brown on an existing building, due to upgrades required the building didn’t work out. Lisa worked very hard with us to find another building, we looked at several other properties. During the process we expressed interest in an undeveloped, not for sale, 7 acre property near the first building we looked at with her. Lisa contacted the owners and started a very difficult series of negotiations with multiple owners. She never gave up on trying to make the deal work for us and always took the high road through the process. The process included soil testing, surveying and rezoning the property for our use. After several months, we finally closed on July 7th 2017. We would not have closed on the property if not for Lisa’s hard work, diligence and great attitude through the process required to get 5 different owners of the properties to agree on terms. Thanks to Lisa, we are breaking ground on our new building this week. If you are looking for a realtor who will work tirelessly and always do the right thing for you, work with Lisa."

Randy Smith
Eagle Mechanical

"I highly recommend Lisa Brown and the Property Shop. Lisa worked with us to list and sell our property which was unique as it was on a large acreage, and when we decided to buy, the team was immediately available for us. When we saw a house listed that we were interested in, we called Lisa in the afternoon, looked at 6 pm, and by 9pm the sellers had our offer which Lisa negotiated for us against competition from another offer. We were very pleased! They also found us a rental house as we had a 2 month gap between selling and buying. We found everyone on the team to be professional, always available, and easy to work with. I would use Lisa and her team again."

Ringgold Farm
Ringgold, GA

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